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Slit my pretty wrists

Laura Is Rad
8 December
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Me. I like to steal. Things of all sorts really. Kittens. Newspapers. Cars. Shampoo. Email. I don't like mountain people. Pepsi. Or people who smell of patchouli. My boyfriend has a large and beauteous penis. Quite the grand sight. & more than likely you wish you were me.

I enjoy reading Etienne's private thoughts and communications, fighting with drunk Bostonians, masturbating compulsively, and drywalling. But not taking pills. No, I don't enjoy that. Not anymore. Because, you know, I'm behaving.

Few things hold my interest for very long, including you. Today it may be toe socks, tomorrow biological warfare or the impact of existentialism on modern literature. However, consistently I can be found thinking fondly of sex.

Go ahead, underestimate my intelligence. I triple dog dare you. + Relax. Jesus loves you.

This is stoopid. >stoopid< This is smart: obliquus Get funky!
(ad)venture, (im)possibility, ..thinking you're unloved, .realizing it's (un)true, abnormal/gestalt psychology, anti-antithesis, art erotica, backwoods poverty, breaking our silence, broken mirrors = creepy, busting ulterior motives, chinese, classic curves, climax faces, code junkies, collar bones = sex, concept of infinity, covert photography, criminology, cross country trekking, crosshatched, css/design, cultural anthropology, cupid bow lips, dead language, demiurgic poetry, dirty italian lovesongs, dogmatic/liberation theology, emotional inequality, endless dusty roads, enumeration, etienne.baby, fabric of humanity, flamboyant-baroque, forgetting i knew you, free lunch for free!, fuck missing you, gawkwardness, good-morning kisses, graffiti wars, greek food stands, heady scent of rain, heart attack food, immeasurable eternity, interior angle, japanese, kissing without tongue, laughing outloud alone, lip biters, long distance heartache, looking in your window, mass market appeal, menagerie montage, molecular biology, musical ecclecticism, my imaginary wang, nerdy tattoos, not thai food, overusing !, physical anthropology, post turkey highs, random expletives, really bad humor, rootless wandering, sensuality in motion, sexual motivation, sidewalk sketch artists, sleeping without guilt, smoking crack with alice, smoofyheartkissylove, sociology, spelling tongue, stealing kittens, suicidal brokers, that one perfect cigarette, the curve of fingertips, time traveling salesmen, touch, unmaking beds, violent electrical storms, walking away for love, we're all grifters, white-wash, wide world of history, writing your story, you kissing my eyelids.